About Point Breeze Brewing

Founded in April 2014, Point Breeze Brewing is the brainchild of three South Philly brewers with a passion for beer. Dedicated to creating fresh and characterful recipes just for the fun of it, we strive to provide high-quality, small-batch craft beer to Philadelphia area residents.

Use this space to meet the Brewers, learn about our signature and experimental brews, find out where we’re pouring, and follow our progress.

Meet the Brewers



Vice President of Operations/Brewer

While in graduate school at the University of Pennsylvania, Kristen started brewing beer as a side project/outlet for her science and engineering interests. The first recipe she developed (along with Kyler) was a pale ale which became The Breeze Pale Ale, the first beer Point Breeze Brewing will be offering on a regular basis. Kristen has spent the last 10 years working as a biomedical engineer and recently earned her Doctorate, studying spine-mediated pain. She now works in clinical research, continuing her interest in improving health care for spine and neurological pathologies.



Vice President of Accounting

Kyler’s interest in brewing began in 2009 when he obtained some basic equipment and started brewing in his small, second-floor apartment in Rochester, Michigan. His brewing expertise has grown a lot since his first few questionable batches, including an ‘exploding’ stout, and a cider that was “good, as long as you don’t hold it in your mouth”. In 2012, Kyler moved to Philadelphia with wife, Andrea. He graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and received his MBA through Penn State.



Manager of Sales/Brewer

Patrick’s interest in craft beer began in the early 2000’s while he was bartending. He ventured into personal brewing after receiving an all-inclusive home brew kit as a Christmas present from his oldest sister, Shawn. He began with a few simple extract brews, but immediately wanted to push beyond the limits of pre-packaged kits and get into more creative brews. He has a tendency to brew large, flavorful beers with often-strange combinations of ingredients. His goal is to create beer that is both unique and enjoyable by everyone. Patrick originally graduated from Drexel University with a degree in Music Industry, but decided to continue his education at Drexel Law and has received his Juris Doctor.


Director of Marketing/Assistant Brewer

Scott has a long standing love of craft beer. When he’s not seeking out untried craft beers, he’s coming up with an experimental recipe for a new brew. His first homebrew was a Trappist-style golden ale, and his second was a sour saison aged in an oak barrel that won Audience Favorite at the 3rd Flashpoint Homebrew Brewfest. Scott and Kristen teamed-up to co-create a oaked cherry saison for the 2015 Independence National Brew-Fest Pro/AM. Scott graduated from Drexel University with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Certificate in Writing and Publishing. He attended Drexel University Thomas R. Kline School of Law prior to becoming a full time member of the brewery. Scott also works fulltime at Breaking Glass Pictures, a Philadelphia-based film production and distribution company, as the Director of Marketing and Public Relations.

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